Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Very First Entry

Well, this is my blog. How neat! I'm so excited to start this new adventure. First off, I know the template is very plain. I'm working on trying to figure this whole blogging thing out before getting fancy.

I suppose I should explain the reason behind all this. This year, I plan to try out at least one new recipe each week. It could be a recipe that I've found, one that was inspired by another recipe, or one that is entirely my own. Regardless, I'll cook a dish, take a photo, include the recipe, and write about it.

The whole reason behind this blog is that I am passionate about food. I hope that maybe you can gain a little something from this, but more than anything, I hope that I gain something from this. I want to challenge myself to grow in culinary knowledge, technique, and familiarity with ingredients (especially local ones).

In between the weekly recipes I will write. Something. Anything. I don't know what. But I hope that it's something you will enjoy and I will too.

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