Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Hill Cheese

If you live in Tallahassee and you've never tried any Sweet Grass Dairy cheeses, you're doing yourself a great disservice. Especially if you've never tried their Green Hill cheese.

Green Hill is Sweet Grass's soft-ripened, pasteurized, double-cream cheese. It's delicious, gooey, sweet, salty, slightly acidic, and SUPER buttery. If only one food (other than butter, of course) could be described as buttery, it would probably be this cheese.

Oh, just look at it. If I had no self-restraint whatsoever I could easily eat the whole thing.

Okay, you're probably wondering what exactly makes this cheese SO great. What makes for a 1st Place American Cheese Society cheese? Is it some crazy secret ingredient? A state of the art manufacturing process? Nope. It's the cows.

These aren't the "Happy California Cows" that are stuck in factory farms and fed tons (literally) of grain every day. These are even happier Jersey cows that are fed on a traditional rotational grazing system right next door in Thomasville. They eat... wait for it... GRASS. I know. Weird, right? Cows eating what they are supposed to eat. And as a result, you get delicious milk and even more delicious cheese.

Sweet Grass Dairy is located in Thomasville, Georgia, so there are tons of places in town you can buy their cheeses. In Tallahassee, check out Simply Entertaining or New Leaf Market.

Cheese + Rosemary Bread + Grapes + Kalamata Olives + Honey = Delish Lunch

PS - Even Martha likes it!


  1. What would you eat it with, or make with it?

  2. I just eat it with bread or crackers.

    The other day I grilled some rosemary bread from Publix, rubbed it with garlic, then made a kind of sandwich afterwards out of the cheese and some basil. I'm not sure if I'd make a real "grilled cheese," because I'm guessing the cheese would just melt right into the bread.

    You could also wrap it in phyllo and bake it in the oven, kind of like brie or camembert.